Sunday, May 25, 2014

So Felicidade!

So it was just a great week, a little different, but by now I am realizing that every week as a missionary is different, haha there always is something that happens or something new that mixes it up. Also being in the office amplifies that as there is always some sort of new event happening here or some crisis with people losing credit cards or the like.
Last Sunday was good as Emmanoel and Reuza and their family came to church. Also Nabil came alone and early, his wife had an appointment with work and their sons slept through, but it was awesome that he came alone. I already said this but Nabil is from Lebanon and is Muslim. It has been interesting teaching him about Christ. We also found and gave him a Book of Mormon in Arabic, and he is reading consitently. It also has been more than 3 weeks since he has smoked!!! He is truly awesome, just struggles in accepting Christ as the Savior, but we are seeing him changing. He is more happy and the other day it was so cool, we went to their house and after the lesson we invited him to pray and he did and closed in the name of Jesus Christ!!! That was such a big deal, he is really progressing and we are really excited for him.
 Haha but it was a good week, we started the week and kind of realized that we and our other investigators were in a rut. They all have pretty much been progressing, but only slightly, and that is frustrating to a missionary because you can see how many blessings are waiting for these people, but they have to act of their own accord. So we have been praying so so much this week to help us to know how to help our investigators progress towards baptism. Emmanoel and Reuza have been a huge focus of my prayers because they need to get married before they can progress more, well I truly hope they can have a change of heart and decide to mark a date to get hitched. One of the main problems is that Reuza´s mom lives in Northeastern Brasil and she really wants her mom to be here for their wedding, but like most brasilians they cant really afford to just fly her out on a whim, it would have to be a pretty long process of planning for her to take the bus from Bahia to SP. Haha well as 20 year old young men we dont really understand that need or the need for a big wedding party or anything, haha and Emmanoel also doesnt really see the need for it, but that is ok, we will continue praying and inviting. We did invite their two sons to be baptized and they said they want to, but were slightly hesitant, so they didnt accept a date. Overall it was kind of a bummer because this is such a great family and I just want so badly for them to be able to progress and receive these blessings that Heavenly Father is just waiting to give them. 
Well we kept on doing our part and doing more contacts on the street and visiting our investigators. 
Remember Natalia and Thiago??? Well we have been super bummed because she started working at this fast food restaraunt here in SP called Habib´s and it is so horrible to work there, she only worked nights and would get home on the weekends at like 5 AM. She started working there like a month ago right when she was getting really close to be baptized. Well she has also been a serious topic of prayer and we went to visit her on Thursday since it was her day off and we found out she quit her job!! Haha it actually was a huge blessing!! She said she didnt feel right there and she needed to be at home to see her kids and husband since she was basically never seeing them. Well we marked the next day (yesterday) for an appointment since her husband would be there. So we went and had a good lesson reviewing the Restoration. At the end we invited her to be baptized the 10th of May and she was so surprised!! She said to us that this was for sure a thing of God, because that same day she had told her husband that she really knew this church was true and she was going to ask us if she could be baptized. Haha so she accepted and it was such a miracle, she was found by the sisters who worked in our area last august, wasnt married, then got married finally, but when I first got here she didnt accept baptism thinking it was way too early. It was such a tender mercy, she really has had a change of heart. So we are excited for her!!!! Other than that not much happened this week, haha just the usual craziness!! 
Oh!! So in regards to the skype call! This time will hopefully be a little different! I will be able to skype here in the office! We asked President and he said we could since there are so many of us here in the ward, and so I will use it here. Let´s plan to use a google hangout, starting at 6 PM SP time, which I think is 3 PM your time in Denver. Woudl that be alright?? Also I already downloaded skype on this computer in the case that hangout doesnt work out again. So you guys should make a hangout and be on it at 6 PM my time and invite me to it. OK??  Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Carney

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