Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bom Dia! 5/17/14

Haha man, I am seriously struggling with something creative to put as a subject line, sorry about that, the best I could do was Good Day in Portuguese. Haha I am a tired missionary, this has definintely been a crazy week, but also a very good one. It was SUPER great to talk to all of you on Sunday, haha it was really fun, everyone said that our family is awesome. And it really cracked me up because our family definitely fulfills the stereotype of what Brasilians think all americans look like, and so all my comps were loving it. Haha they said to me afterwards that "temos uma família bonita!!" Haha but they also included that I am the mediocre one... haha sorry dad, I had to tell my comps that story! But thanks, it really made my day talking to all of you! Then it was a pretty normal week of working in the area and in the office, one highlight was going to the temple on Tuesday, it was super good. The last time I was able to go was in November so I am very grateful I had teh opportunity. I felt just such an overwhelming feeling of peace, it was really nice and just good to be reenergized. Then on thursday I had to wake up at 5:30 so we could go to the Policia Federal to register the Americans that got here recently. I dont do anything with that but Elders Irineu and Albuquerque do and so I had to go with them. Well there was a bad turn of events and the person from teh MTC here who usually helps with the process didnt show up so instead of the missionaries getting registered super quick we had to wait. And wait. And wait. 

Haha we ended up being there for 7 hours waiting, it was killing us, but we had to do it so that none of them would get deported or anything!! Haha but it was fun because there were so many foreigners there waiting, I did a contact with this German woman and her family who dont speak any Portuguese but do speak english and who live in our mission bounderies and also with this Bolivian woman, who actually spoke fairly good Portuguese. It was pretty fun to meet so many different people. I just love doing contacts, it is so much fun to talk to people and meet them and teach them right then and there about our Savior and how his church exists on the earth today, with a living prophet. it isjust really fun to be so open and friendly with complete strangers who have such diverse backgrounds. Well finally we got back to the office and the rest of hte week went well. We found a couple new families this week, actually through us getting lost!! The other companionship has the map for our area nad we are waiting on a new one, and so in the process of trying to find a referral we got lost and it was the best thing ever!! It is so easy and great doing contacts and finding new investigators through asking directions, we found a couple new families that are great including this less active man who actually stopped us on the street and we marked an appointment with him the next day and his non member wife. It went really well and we are excited to see where they go. Overall I am very grateful for my blessings. I know that there will always be trials, but i am so grateful for those opportunities to grow and become more like my Savior. I hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Mom! Here are some of my favorite mormon messages:
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Haha they are all so great but here are just some of them that I love! Also you might have to search for some of them, I think they were moved or something but should still be on the site or maybe on YouTube.

Love you Mom!! 

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