Sunday, May 25, 2014

Busiest Week of my life 4/26/14

So it was certainly an interesting week here in Tucuruvi!! It was easily one of the busiest weeks that I have had thus far on my mission! Starting last saturday at 6 pm we were leaving our house (the end of our P-Day is 6) to go work in our area and I got a call from President saying he was bringing one of the elders to come stay with us because he was going home the next day, always a bummer, but it was good to work with him before he left! 

So the next day we had 6 elders in our ward (5 secretaries and the extra elder) haha there were more missionaries than members during the elders quorum. But then unfortunately only one of our investigators came to church, Givaldo, but that was awesome because he came without the rest of his family as they were traveling and it was a big deal for him to come alone of his own accord, so we were psyched!!! Then it was a definitely different sacrament meeting, haha there really was no reference to Easter at all, that was a bummer. Haha there were some really good talks on journal writing and other good topics, but I was looking forward to a really great sacrament centered on Christ. Then afterwards we had this seriously incredible lunch with these members, it was SO good, and so much food, so that made my day! haha there was so much food that 6 missionaries couldnt even put a dent in it! Then afterwards we got to do the best thing ever on easter... do missionary work in our area!!! I genuinely loved it. I was thinking about it on Saturday and I am just so grateful to honor the sacrifice my Savior made for me by working here in his name. I love it. So we did a little split and I was with Elder Irineu and tthe other elder went with Elder Barton. We were waiting to hear from President about the elder´s flight info and when he would leave, well we were on one side of our area and had just entered this less active lady who is returning to church´s home and got a call from President saying the elder had to check in at the airport at 7 pm... it was 6:05 when we got hte call. Let´s just say that few missionaries have walked that quickly in the history of missionary work, we met hte other set at our house with his bags and sent him off and he made it all right so that was good, just a little crazy!! 

Then monday started the week of transfers!!!! It was crazy, haha monday we found out there had been an error in the exchange rate from the dollar to the real so every missionary in the mission had received 3 to 8 reais less than they should have for their allowance. Haha so I had to make a payment to every single missionary in the mission with the right amount they had lost, it took forever but it was good to get that done!!! Then we found out about transfers!!!! They were huge, it was one of the biggest President has done!! Elder Barton was transferred and I officially finished my training and he went to Sorocaba to be a ZL, he will do seriously great! And my new companion is... Elder Albuquerque!!!! He is from Northern Brazil, and was my ZL when I was in Itapetininga for my second transfer, so that was fun to find out! He is super chill and a good missionary so that was nice to find out. Then tuesday the new missionaries got to the mission and we did training for them and then that night we did a giant split and I took a really cool missionary from Santiago, Elder Medina, with me and we were able to contact a man who we had taught once. Haha he works with Boy Scouts but here in São Paulo, his name is Laercio, and he and his wife are super nice. Well we didnt know if he was just interested to talk or actually find out more and this time it went so well! He said he had already read the Book of Mormon (or parts of it) and prayed about it years ago, but he said that he feels now that he is being led to something more inhis life and he knows that is why we are here right now in his life. It was cool, and fun to work with this new missionary. Haha he didnt really speak Portuguese very well, but luckily I was able to recognize most of the spanish that he spoke. Then we had transfers on Wednesday morning and it went well and resulted in a very very tired Elder Carney. It was just crazy and now I am realizing that it is way more fun to do my work with another missionary, Elder Barton, but now it´s just me! Ah well, still liking it, wishing I could work in my area more, but that is ok!! So yeah, that was the craziness this week!! 

Overall I am super grateful to be here and serve, it is such a wonderful opportunity and I am grateful to be here serving my Master and Redeemer and give back what little I can for all that I have been given.
Love you all, remember to be missionaries, these people and missionaries need you!!
Elder Carney

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