Saturday, July 5, 2014

Que Loco! Sou velho! 7/5/14

Man, this week was just absolute insanity! Haha it seemed like SO much was happening! Last Saturday we had a good rest of our preparation day and then we just had to stay inside because it was a Brasil game day so we just stayed in and cleaned and studied and relaxed. So that was good, then on Sunday Jorge got baptized after church!! We were really excited for him, he has really progressed and has a lot of faith. It was fun to see him there and with his family. A member of our ward baptized him and that went really well, it is always better when a member baptizes! 
On Sunday we were able to work well and it was good to be able to work hard on the anniversary **(MOM NOTE: That day was the anniversary of a very good friend of his, Morgan, who had died 7 years ago.)**   I felt a lot of extra motivation to really fulfill my missionary purpose and find people to teach and invite to come unto Christ. So that was good, we had a really good lesson with Emanuel and Reuza and their two kids, Breno and Guilherme. Unfortunately they aren´t really planning on getting married right now, they want to but she wants to wait for her mom to come from North east Brasil to be here for it. Unfortunately that probably wont be for a long while so we are praying that she has a change of heart and really understands better through the Spirit that the law of chastity is a sacred and important commandment from God. BUT, we invited Breno and Guilherme to be baptized and they accepted, saying they needed to think and pray about it. We are excited for them, they have already been coming to church so long and are really prepared to be baptized! It was great to work hard and help other people on Sunday.
On Monday started some of the craziness of this week. It kind of seems like we haven´t had much opportunity at all to work in our area which is always a super bummer. We had a ton of stuff to do in the office this week because of some of the changes that have been happening with President Farnes and his arrival. Haha I am a very tired missionary, but also really happy! He liberated music that is uplifting on every day of the week and we are also able to do activities and service, so we are excited to do that! Unfortunately I wont be doing a lot of service right now because of our already limited time in the area, but one day I will! On Tuesday we had a multi zone conference here in the Capitol to get to know his family and it was so awesome! They all spoke and we had a fantastic time getting to know their family. One thing that stood out to me was how much they use scriptures as a family, you can clearly perceive that they have centered their lives on that and the Gospel, I really saw a lot of things that I want to have for my own family one day. I was really impressed with their 9 year old son, Jordan, who gave a fantastic little talk about attitude and how everything depends on who´s hands it is in, like a baseball in his hands is worth 9 dollars, but in a professionals hands it is worth millions of dollars, or how nails in his hands are worth a couple cents, and nails in Christ´s hands are worth the salvation of every man and woman to every walk on this earth. It was really great, I learned a lot and really enjoyed it. President Farnes is dynamic, he has a lot of energy and love, it is going to be so great for our mission right now! We made a goal to find 5 new investigators every day. I know that we can do it, it has been a bit difficult this week because of how much we have had to work and how little time we have had in our area, but I know that it is possible and I am for sure going to do my part and my best! 
On Thursday we went to the Federal Police and got some missionaries registered and the MTC was there, and I actually ran into two missionaries that I knew in the MTC in Provo a year ago!! It was crazy, they got their visas and I happened to run into them before they went to their missions in other parts of Brasil, it was fun! Then we went to President´s house with the Assistants to give him and Sister Farnes training on a whole bunch of things about the mission and the office and payments, lots of things. But they invited us before hand to have lunch there and it was really great, super awesome to get to know them better! 
Then yesterday was the 4th of July, but here they only thought about the World Cup and how Brasil won! Haha but I remembered and just pretended that the fireworks were in celebration of independence and liberty! 
Today we got permission to go the Football Museum that they have here in São Paulo, it was super cool to see!! I will send some pics, it was really fun!

It has just blown my mind that I have already been out for a year! I just can´t believe it! It is definitely bittersweet, I actually really liked being "young" on the mission, now I am an old missionary! But I am very grateful that I will be able to continue to serve my Master and Savior for another beautiful and full year! I love it here! I didn't get a package or anything, but that video was super super awesome!! Thanks so much for everyone who did that, I really appreciated it!! It was cool to see everyone´s faces and where all of you are! Well, love you, have a fantastic week! Please keep my investigators in your prayers!