Sunday, May 25, 2014


Haha well this week was for sure one of the more stressful that I have had thus far, not because of office stuff thankfully! It started last Sunday when we only had a couple investigators there at church and the family of Emmanuel and Reuza and Nabil and Nilza didnt come to church, which was a super bummer. Such a bummer. Well we called them, no one picked up, nothing. So later that day we were working and decided to call Nabil´s home phone, to which we found out that Nilza was in the hospital and they were doing some tests on her. Well on tuesday we found out she had a brain tumor and thankfully it was benign, but still high risk as it was in the brain. Thursday she had surgery and it went well, but we have yet to hear about recovery and all of that. So that was kind of stressful, we have been praying so so much for this family. It also has prevented us from being able to see any of them because they are always at the hospital and it is out of our area. I am so grateful she is ok and I pray and hope that they are doing well as a family. 

Then unfortunately one of our investigators, Laersio, dropped us, always a bummer, but I am grateful for the area book and someday he will be ready to receive the gospel. He actually loves our visits and loves to talk to us, but isnt interested in changing and making commitments. 

Then we almost had Natalia´s baptismal interview on tuesday, but her sister in law had a crisis with lots of not so good substances and was freaking out at her house so they had to go help her, then on wednesday she couldnt, then on thursday we were there ready but we found out she had stepped on glass and cut her foot pretty bad and went to the hospital, and so finally Friday, yesterday, we were seriously praying SO hard that nothing would happen and we would be able to have the interview with her. Thank goodness it worked out and we were finally able to have it, she passed, and she is super excited to be baptized!!! It went well and we are so grateful, so she is getting baptized tonight at 7 pm! Woo!!! Haha it just felt like there were a lot of trials and difficulties this week, but something that I was able to practice was not get bummed out or discouraged, always have to look to the brightside and with everything we have to have the faith to see the blessings and tender mercies that happen in our lives. So it was a good week, just with lots of little bumps and trials.

But we are also super psyched because now we can officially tell everyone... on May 21st we are having a special devotional next to the temple, and the person who will be speaking with us missionaries is... ELDER RUSSELL M NELSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So. Today baptism. Tomorrow talk with you all. Tuesday we get to go to the temple. The next week devotional with an apostle. The next week transfers. then the World Cup starts. Then President Farnes gets here. Basically this next month and a half is going to FLY by becaues of all the crazy aewsome things that are going to happen. So yeah! Woo, super excited.

We also were able to find webcams to do the skype, super psyched about that! So yes, I will actually be online just a little before 6 pm my time, or 3 pm in Colorado. Also we were able to test skype and gmail today, and it looks like the quality on skype is actually better, but we can go ahead with whatever you all think is best! I will check this before to see which one you all prefer. My gmail account will be the one I always use,  So search for me on both (although should already have me on gmail) and be ready a little before 6! Ok?? Ok. Woo, super excited! Also, sorry mom, but I dont know which number you would be able to call, if it comes to that (which it wont) then I will be able to ask Elder Irineu. But anyways, it has been a great week, hard at times, but still great! I am loving it here as always and so grateful to have this opportunity to serve my Savior. Love you all and talk to you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
Elder Carney

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