Monday, January 20, 2014

Who's wearing his Orange & Blue TIE today! 1/20/14

Haha so I was hoping today I would be receiving good news in regards to the Sports world... and good news was received. So for just one moment I would like to say:

So there. Now I can continue on. In the grand scheme of things this really isn't that important. BUT. It is super fun to hear that the best team in the world is going to the Superbowl, so thanks for the updates.
I had a great week, it felt like we were getting so many blessings. We are working so hard here, basically I am always exhausted, but so so happy. We are working hard to meet the standards of excellence here and it is genuinely difficult, but they aren't the standards of mediocrity, they are the standards of excellence. So we are trying to be excellent. haha it is going well, we are talking to the entire city of ItapĂȘtininga, and it is going great! We are still having a rough time finding new investigators, but we know that there are people here who are ready to change and enjoy the miracle of the Atonement in their lives. One really cool thing happened! I told you about that investigator who was an answer to prayer, came to church, and accepted a date for the 25th to be baptized. Well we talked with our District Leader and he asked why not see if she wanted to get baptized this weekend and not even have to wait! So we asked! She got interviewed, was super psyched about it and passed and said it actually was better for her this weekend than the 25th! So we prepared and it was awesome until we got a text from her saying her boss said she had to work all day Saturday and Sunday. It was the most horrible feeling! We called, tried to figure it all out, and it looked like it would have to wait. We said a prayer on the street and then a little bit after we got another text saying she could get one day off on Saturday. Well this was great news but it meant she could get baptized but not get confirmed for more than a week after... which is not so great. So we called again and asked if she could switch and work Saturday and not Sunday and get baptized before church on Sunday! She asked and it worked out!!! So she got baptized! There were other complications like the water not working and then it taking forever to fill up on Saturday and other things, but eventually it worked out!!!!!!!!!!! It was so cool to see, her face was just so filled with joy, and her mom and sister came to the baptism and church and really liked it! They aren't members so it was a good experience for them. So woo hoo!!!! I loved it, and so it was a really great ending to the week! 
Other than that I am just enjoying the missionary life. We are so blessed to be here. I love being a missionary, it is just the best thing in the world for me right now! We are working a lot with the members and OH! I forgot to tell you all this but guess who is the Branch Pianist.... THIS ELDER! Haha they don't have anyone who knows how to play the piano, so when I got here they immediately asked if I could. Well and I couldn't lie, even though I hate playing hymns because people have to sing with you and I get nervous and all sorts of things, so I said yes and I have been playing the hymns for sacrament every week. It has honestly been very stressful and I absolutely love it. I have found more appreciation for hymns, and I have seen how it can touch people´s hearts. One sister bore her testimony about the hymn we sung one week and it was ´Come, Come, Ye Saints´, which is also my favorite hymn, and it made me realize just how special music can be to touch the hearts of others. Oh, Mom, I had an idea! You should do a list of questions one week or something and I can just copy and paste them and just answer them! I always forget what you say and ask and so this would be easy and I love talking about Brazil so that could be fun! So you should do that! I think I could do that and if I don't finish I could continue the next week! Let me know! Also a member asked me about getting a triple scriptures in English for him, but I think he can just order them through, so I will tell him that, because shipping them to me and then me not even being here by the time I might get them would be just crazy! Well I love you all, i love this work, I love the Broncos, and I love my Savior.
Elder Carney

MOM NOTE: Danny refer's to a BRANCH - this is just a small congregation of church members.  A larger congregation is called a Ward. So he is the pianist for his congregation apparently!! Those piano lessons payed off!

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