Monday, January 13, 2014

Jan 13, 2014 The Heaven's Open

Well this week was a very interesting one, as the title says, the Heavens are definitely open here!! Haha in multiple ways! The first way is rain, and lots of it. This last week we were enjoying a good day working in a part of our area about an hour walk from our house. It went really well, we talked to tons of people and enjoyed success with new and progressing investigators. Well it was about 7:30 and I saw some crazy huge dark clouds coming in and told my comp that i thought it was going to rain pretty hard and we should start back after our appointments since it is an hour away! We went to one more appointment which went great, then as we left it immediately started to pour. So hard, So so hard! And it had been clear skies and crazy hot so neither of us brought our umbrellas. And we were far from home and needed to get back and had no idea if the rain was going to stop. So we just kept walking. And were more soaked than I have ever been in my life! There was crazy rain, we couldn’t see a thing, we were running down the hills, and the lights were all going out on the streets! Finally we reached main street and there were some awnings to use as we walked, but it was so crazy!  And what were we doing as we were walking?? Singing Hymns of course!! Haha all in all it was a very memorable experience and eventually I dried out. It was really fun.
It rained like that a couple of times this week, including last night which woke us up because of how crazy the lightning and thunder were. Summer rain is just insane her! 
Now for the other part of the heavens opening! This week we had so many blessings! Our president just gave standards of excellence for the first time this last week and we were working so so hard to reach them and really push ourselves!! Which included talking with the world, teaching like mad men, and just being the best missionaries we can be! We also have been praying so hard about our investigators and baptism, we just really want to help these people and this branch grow, they haven’t had a baptism here in so long! So then Sunday comes around and almost none of our investigators came to church... except one! Who I hadn’t even met yet! Her name is Adriana and she lives in a city like 40 minutes away but is part of our area. She had gone to church like 4 times before with friends here in the branch and already said she wants to be baptized, but with the end of the year she couldn’t meet with us or go to church. So then out of the blue she showed up alone, had a great time, and later that day accepted baptism and the date of 25th of January!!!! It is seriously such a huge blessing. We are also working a ton with the members and just trying to use them to help our investigators see the miracle of the gospel in our lives and to help them get to church. It is good, we are seeing results! 
Another cool thing, we have this old lady here who got baptized in 1992 and is awesome! Unfortunately her health is bad so she can’t come to church without help from the members but we visited her and gave her a blessing when her hometeachers' couldn’t, and she told us about the missionary who baptized her and that he is from Colorado! That was exiting and then she said his name is Joseph Reynolds, I thought, that´s funny that name sounds familiar, but it is a common name so whatever! Then she showed us this book of all teh missionaries she has gotten to know here, and the first one was a Joseph Reynolds from Brandt Place, Littleton, CO, 80127!!!! WHAT!?! Haha so I am not sure because I wasn’t even born yet when she was baptized but I am pretty sure this is the Joe Reynolds son of the Reynolds in our ward!!!! Could you confirm this please??? This member would love to hear how he is doing. Let me know.
Also here is our new mailing address! The office moved, but we will still be getting anything that was mailed to the old one, but from now on use this address:
Missão Brasil São Paulo Norte
Avenida Nova Cantareira, 1146  fundos
São Paulo - SP - 02330-001 

So use that exactly! Especially the word fundos! Thanks! I love you all and I am going to send some pics really quickly!
Love you!
Elder Carney

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