Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year! Jan 6,2014

Well it is 2014!!! Which also means this is the only year in my life that will be completely spent as a full-time regular missionary of the Lord (I want to serve with my wife someday, hence the word regular). So that blew my mind. It literally (for Kyle and Taylor) exploded. Haha this last week was an interesting one for sure!
A ton of people were traveling this last week so that was a bit rough, but we were able to teach more lessons and more lessons with members than we have since I have been here in ItapĂȘtininga. So that was exciting!  During the week it felt like nothing was happening because everyone was gone, but by the end we realized when we counted our lessons that it had actually been very productive. For New Years we worked regularly and then we had a HUGE dinner that we all made together after we planned and did the regular routine. So that was super nice and then I couldnt sleep at all because there was so much noise and fire works and everything, haha it was so crazy. The people here definitely love New Years, it was fun, so I got to lay there and listen to the constant sound of car horns and fireworks, it really was memorable! On New Years Day we had a different scene outside our house, a huge parade for the Catholic Church, seriosuly like the whole city was there, and we live on one of the main streets and so they walked past our house, they had all these statues and banners of different saints and things like that, it was certainly interesting to see, the Catholic church is really prevalent in the culture here.
I am just loving it here! We are working really hard and praying really hard, and at times it is really hard, but I can see so many great things happening around me, in my life and in the life of others. So that has been nice. One experience was really cool that happened, we were walking on Friday and seriously none of our appointments were happening. None of them. And none of our plan B´s or C´s. So I was just a little bummed and I started singing to myself the song "Worthy to Stand', and it just hit me. I really truly felt a witness that even though at times no one wants to listen, and it is really hard, it is His work, and I want to be worthy to stand in His presence in the end. I know that is true. I know that this work is the work of the Lord. I am doing all that I can and that is what counts, at times people don't accept the truth, but at times they do!! There are people here in this city who are waiting for the blessing of the Gospel in their lives. Angels are preparing them, and they aren't lost, God knows exactly where they are! We are the ones who are lost and trying to find them, thank goodness we have the help of the Spirit and that we are doing God´s work, His plan is perfect. He knows these people. And He knows me. I am very grateful to be here, even if at times it is a little rough!
Another interesting thing happened, we decided to work one day in a part of our area way far away because we had referrals there and the ward had asked us to visit some non members and part member families there, so we walked there, we were just entering the area when it started to sprinkle. My comp had forgotten his umbrella, and then BOOM!!!!!!!! Haha it started to rain so incredibly hard! Haha I dont know if I told you about when that had happened already the week of Christmas, and the road turned into a river, but here we were, standing under a tree and my little umbrella, completely soaked because it was raining in all directions! It was crazy! It took down some huge trees in the city too but luckily no one was hurt. It was just crazy! Then the area we worked in had all dirt roads that had turned into mud so that was an adventure. Luckily we found some great people who accepted our message and invites, it was great to see, one of whom we found while being stuck in a tunnel for shelter from the rain after we had moved there from our tree, it was cool to see how situations work out to find God´s children! Oh my gosh that truck is hilarious!!!!! I cant belive that Dad bought that! And then didn't even tell me about it in his email! Haha I died when I saw the picture! Love you all!! Keep me and my investigators in your prayers please, I am definitely praying for you all!
Elder Carney

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