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Transferência! August 25, 2014

Well this kind of strange writing email just a couple of days after i wrote the last time!! I am enjoying it here already! On Saturday we were able to get everything ready for Rogerio´s baptism, it was really special. Haha there was a slight accident with the baptismal font, but we got everything all cleaned up before the baptism, so that was great, very grateful that Heavenly Father answers the prayers of desperate missionaries.

The baptism went well, I baptized Rogerio and it was special. The heater is broken for the font so the water is super cold. Haha we have asked for it to be fixed but that hasn´t happened yet so it was another cold baptism. Rogerio was kind of worried about it but afterwards he said he didn´t feel any cold and he felt really warm and good as he went into the water. We were really happy for him, they are such a great couple. They set a goal to be sealed a year from now and invited me to it already... haha we will see but that would be awesome!

Also this keyboard is really bad, so sorry ahead of time if there aren´t any spaces for some words!

So on Sunday we went and it was really good. A lot of people came to church which was nice because I was able to say goodbye to them. Church went well, one of my investigators, Gabriel, the brother of Thaís came and is really firm for getting baptized here at the end of the week. Bummer that I won´t be there, but I am glad that he is staying firm and will start on this wonderful path.
I was able to give a talk on Sunday, I found out at the beginning of the meetings because one of the speakers was sick. So i was the last speaker and when I got up there was 35 minutes left in the meeting... haha so I was just a little nervous but it actually went really well, another answer to a desperate missionaries´prayer. I spoke on the Atonement and Missionary Work and spoke on the examples of prophets from the Book of Mormon who repented and changed their lives and then had the desire to share the joy they felt through the gospel with other people. It went well, I felt guided by the Spirit. It also was sweet to talk about, it is so true, when we apply the Atonement in our lives, we naturally have a desire to share that grandest of all blessings with others. I love the mission for that, I get to talk to others all day about how they can be clean from their sins, be forgiven, and be perfected in Christ so that one day they can be with their families forever. It´s wonderful.

Rogerio got confirmed which was also really great, it was such a tender mercy to be able to stay in Tucuruvi for just one more week in order to see that happen.

After church I took pics with a ton of the families from the ward and my investigators and recent converts. It was pretty hard, I will truly miss that ward. It was hard but super great.

Then I got here!! I met my comp, Elder Gimenez, from Argentina, which reminds me a lot of my trainer, ElderMussin. He is a great missionary. We are in Ariston, which is part of the Capitol still. They are tons of people here, it´s crazy. It is in a city Carapicuíba,which has one of the densest populations on the planet, or at least they say that here! There are so many people here,it is so great as a missionary, I just eat it up! We are teaching a lot of people here and I am really excited. The ward here wants to split really soon and the members are all super excited and want to work hard with the missionaries. Also, we live in the same house as two other sets of missionaries, one of them being Elder Matthews! He was one of the APs almost the whole time I was in the office and is one of my best friends on the mission, so that has been fun thus far. Even though I am only going to be here for a short period, I am really going to like it here and I know that I am here for a purpose.

On Thursday we are going to have a mission tour with Elder Aidukaitis (or something like that, haha his name is difficult to spell), he is from the first quorum of the seventy and is the second counselor in the Brasil Area Presidency.We are all really excited, it is going to be really great.

Well,that is about it, love you all and my P-Day next week is going to be on Tuesday because of the temple! Woo hoo, love you all!

Elder Carney

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