Saturday, August 30, 2014

Falta de Tempo -Aug 9, 2014

As shown by this subject line, this week was just kind of rough because of how little time we had to do everything that needs to be done! But let´s go back to last Sunday:

So we got to church and it turns out that unfortunately some family members had kind of put some not so positive encouragement into Gabriel´s head about his being baptized. So he didn´t come to church and it broke our hearts, but we know that he will get baptized soon.

 Lygia also had an interesting circumstance; so her husband lives in a different city and has some serious struggles with the word of wisdom and is a less active member of the church. She was set to get baptized because they have been separated (they aren´t married) for a long while now (like 8 months) and so she was really excited. Well on the same weekend of her baptism it all came to a breaking point with her husband and it turns out he is having some very real problems with depression, related to his word of wisdom problems, and needs help from Lygia. So she decided that she is going to move back to the other city and help him get over these struggles. Her kids will stay here with her parents in the same house that she has been staying at and she is going to commute back and forth to be with both parties. Which also kind of broke our heart, but they are planning on already setting a marriage date so that she can be baptized as quickly as possible. So I was kind of a bummed out Elder, but I am so thankful for Thais. She was SO excited to be baptized. 

So she came to church and at Sacrament meeting she was bawling because of how happy she was to be there. So then came the baptism and Elder Albuquerque baptized her and I helped him in the font because she can´t stand up on her own. She has MS which makes it hard for her to use her hands really well so I got to plug her nose for her. It was really sweet, she was so so happy to be baptized and the ward really was there and supportive of her. The Spirit that was there was one of the strongest that I have felt in a long time. She is truly a special daughter of God. So after a lot and a lot of prayer she was baptized and it was such a joy to see it happen.

Then started like the most busy week ever! We had an elder go home because he had to start school earlier than normal, well we found out that day after looking a his passport for seemingly no reason that when he had had his visa renewed the Federal Police hadn´t stamped his passport! So it showed that he was illegal in Brasil! Even though he had had it renewed! So we were definitely worried and after obtaining some documents proving he was legal we ended up having to go with him to the airport in the case that they wanted to detain or tax him or something. It ended up going smoothly which was another answer to a lot prayers from some very worried Elders!! It was good to go with him as well, he is one of my friends from the mission and it was just so strange to see him going home! 

Also on Monday we had two of the Analysts from the Church Headquarters of Brasil come and give President and Elder McArthur and I a training since President is new. It was really good, it was a review for me but it was great for Elder McArthur and President to get a solid comprehensive understanding of how finances work for the missions here. They were super nice too and afterwards did an audit of the mission and it went really smoothly. I am grateful that we have so many rules about organization, it makes it easy to have an audit when everything is in it´s right place and ordered!

So then another thing happened that broke our hearts (our hearts were kind of beat up on this week). One of the elders here in the mission had to go home because his mom was killed in a car accident. He is from Santiago, Chile and his dad already passed away years ago and so now he only has his step-dad and his younger brother who has like 10 years. President drove two hours to tell the elder what had happened at like midnight. It was hard, I can´t imagine how that would be. There was only one flight available that day to go back and he didn´t have time to pass by the office before he left so that he could make his flight so we went to the airport again to meet him there and give him his passport and flight info. He barely made it but then we sent him off and came back with his companion to get them all set off for the emergency transfer. We fasted as a mission for him and his family, he s going back for the funeral and to make sure his little brother is cared for and then he coming back in two weeks. We are all praying a lot for him right now.

Between all the craziness this week we have had barely any time at all in our area and it makes me worried for my investigators, I have been praying a lot that the Lord will bless them while we can´t be there to teach them. I have found that the Lord has blessed us so much, that when we cannot be there, the Spirit teaches them so much and often softens their hearts. I am really praying for them so that they can continue to progress towards baptism.

Well it was kind of a crazy week, I am glad that the Lord blesses us so much. He truly loves His children and blesses his missionaries. I feel those blessings all the time and am grateful for God´s tender mercies.

Love you all, have a great week!

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