Saturday, June 28, 2014

Só Alegria 6/7/14

Well you know, just another great week here in Tucuruvi! Haha man, the hard thing is right now I am drawing a blank on what happened, I know that cool things happened but I just can´t remember! It makes me grateful that I am writing in my journal!

Ok, now that I thought about it here we go. On sunday last week we actually had some investigators come to church that we weren´t planning on coming, so that was a nice little tender mercy! One of them, Jandira, is new and she is a referral from this lady in our ward who for a long time has been attending another ward ehre but decided that she should be a part of her ward. So that was cool, her first sunday here and she gave us 2 referrals, then the following sunday her referral came to church because she invited her! Haha it is kind of great to meet a referral while they are already at church, makes it easier with them already having the faith and the experience to go to church! Jandira is kind of in a really difficult situation with her husband. They are unfortunately getting divorced and she has had a really tough life, she lives with her 5 year old son and they are just really great, she just is in a super difficult situation right now. So on Monday night we went there, to the members house and had an excellent lesson with them, it was seriously so good. We talked about how we don't know what she is going through and when it comes down to it we are two twenty year old´s who have never had to pass through this type of trial. But we were then able to testify that even though we do not fully understand, the Savior does, that we are His servants and that because of that our message was of the utmost importance for her, that God loves her and that through his commandments she could be healed, comforted, and made clean. It was really tender (dad word), she got really emotional and it went really well.
Well during that lesson another miracle happened, it turns out this member´s husband, Rogerio, isn´t a member of the church! He came in and greeted us during the lesson and then stood in the doorway listening to the lesson. That night he was really kind to us and welcoming, well later we got a message from the member saying how fantastic it went and how it was a miracle because her husband said he really liked us - the first time he has liked missionaries!! Woo hoo! Haha it was cool, the next time we had an appointment she said that it was the first time in 17 years of marriage he has listened to a missionary lesson, and then that night he fully participated in the lesson with Jandira! It was really cool, we were really humbled in seeing how the Lord prepares his children to receive the Gospel and I so hope and pray that Jandira and Rogerio will both receive the blessing of the Gospel in their lives. As always we invited them to be baptized, which Jandira accepted but said that she thought it was pretty early, so we will continue to teach and encourage and pray that she will have faith enough to follow our Savior.

We also were able to visit the family of Nilza and Nabil this week, as well as Emanuel and Reuza, both of which went well, Nilza is getting a lot better, she is a serious trooper after having such a major surgery. Her husband, Nabil, is really progressing. He even said that he might be baptized, which coming from someone who didnt believe in Jesus Christ when we met him two months ago is pretty big! He is seriously great, really doing well and praying and reading. He said he would come to Stake Conference this Sunday which would be so good for him.

Overall I am super grateful to work here, haha I miss working in my area full time, but as always it is good to serve here in the office. I had my last interview with President Martins, that was super good. He asked how you guys were doing and we talked about Bradley (he asked about you all and I told him you were going to BYU and then on a mission and so he wanted to know more about you). Then he answered some questions I had about receiving revelation and also learning from the temple, it was really good, haha I guess I need to have patience, I just want to know everything now!! But that is ok, I can be patient! Overall I am just loving it, I love the mission, it is weird to see my friends on the mission ending and going home, I don't like that!! Haha I just want to serve with all my heart might mind and strength!! Have a great week and you all could invite someone to come to church this week, I know that would make God happy! Love you all!

Elder Carney

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