Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mudanças! 6/28/14

This week was just full of craziness!!! It seemed like there was constantly things to do and get done before President and Sister Martins left! So I spent a really large amount of time in the office this week trying to zero out there credit cards and prepare other important things for when they left. Haha I am really grateful that I was able to get everything done in time! Last Sunday Jandira and Givaldo were both confirmed! It was really cool, a very uplifting experience for both of them. I was able to confirm Jandira, which was actually the first time that I have confirmed someone, it seems like usually we have a member of the ward or bishopric do it but this time she asked me, so that was a learning and very good experience for me. Then we had a really good meeting this week with the High Priest Group leader and the Ward Mission Leader! Missionary work with the members has a history of being very very slow in this ward, so we have been doing our best to build their confidence and really get them involved, there is nothing that causes miracles like working with members. It was great to see the High Priest Group Leader wanting to be involved and help out, Also we got permission from President Martins to assist with Home Teaching here int he ward, there just aren´t very many priesthood holders so we were asked to help.

We are really striving to find new investigators this week, it has been a difficulty here in Tucuruvi. It is a really wealthy area and very commercial, so often the people we make contacts with are always working or live in other areas. I have prayed many many times for help and we always get help with it. I know that God knows where these people are, so really we just need to rely on Him and his help to find them. And even better He knows what they need to hear, how they need to hear it, and everything that has ever happened to them and will happen to them, which is the reason we so badly want to teach with the Spirit, because that truly is what brings conversion.

Man, that killed me a bit to hear about Sparky. Shoot! Haha actually I was thinking about her the other day and wondering if she would make it until I got back. Luckily I know that God has a plan and that truly everything will be all right. I am really glad that we had her. Man, I am going to miss that dog!!

Then on Friday morning President Martins and Sister Martins came with President and Sister Farnes and their family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just very surreal! it was genuinely sad saying bye to President and Sister Martins, they were such a blessing for me. Then when hey got here and it was very clear right from the start that President Farnes and his family are incredible people. President Farnes is very kind and loving, he gave each of us like five hugs, haha it was great! Sister Farnes is also super kind and was mainly speaking English but she will learn quickly! President already had a lot of things that he wants to get done and today they are already having Mission Leadership Council, so he is really eager to get things moving. I was able to talk to him on the phone a couple times to talk about his credit card and the mission car and everything and he is just really nice, and speaks really good Portuguese. I am really excited to get to know him better and work with him, I know that it is going to be really wonderful for our mission!

We are hopefully going to have a baptism tomorrow after church!! His name is Jorge, he is the husband to a member of our ward, he is really great, has a lot of faith! i hope that everything works out and he gets baptized tomorrow!

I am really really grateful to be serving a mission. yesterday was the anniversary of the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith and I felt so honored and privileged to teach and testify about him and the First Vision. I know that he saw and spoke with God and Christ. I know that the priesthood of God was given to him and the authority restored through him. I know that he died and sealed his testimony. I know that this church is the church of Jesus Christ, and that He is at the head of it.

I also have been thinking about Morgan and the anniversary tomorrow. I am and will be eternally grateful for the wonderful plan of happiness that our Father gave to us. I know that this is the true gospel. I know that I will see my friend someday and that she will be able to be together with her family forever. I love this Gospel. Where would I be without it? It is an honor, truly a blessing to serve my Savior. After all that He has done for me, isn´t it worth it to do my best for Him. I am eternally indebted to Him for the Atonement and I rejoice in the fact that I can receive forgiveness, comfort, peace, and eternal life through His infinite sacrifice.

Have a wonderful week, remember that we need to show our love of God through our works and thoughts, and maybe some good missionary moments and invitations will show how much we truly do love our Father.

Elder Carney

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