Monday, February 10, 2014

His Christmas pkg got there! 2/10/14

Get better mom!!!!!! That is definitely not fun to be sick! I was starting to get sick as well this weekend, but with some medicine and lots of water I am already feeling a lot better! I had a really good week, we were able to have a great start to the week in that Wednesday we had a Multi Zone Conference! It was absolutely awesome, so much fun to see other missionaries that I know and are my friends, and wonderful to receive instruction from President and Sister Martins, they are truly inspired. It felt as if so many of the trainings that we received were exactly for our area and the situations that our investigators are in. We have been working hard here, unfortunately it was also a super hard week, it felt like no one was progressing and it was just difficult to even find people to teach at times. Plus my comp´s feet have been massacred, i feel bad for the guy, especially because our area is HUGE so we walk a lot here just to get to neighborhoods that we work in. But we take little breaks and he has some powders and other little things that are helping his feet. I am definitely grateful that I ran 60+ miles a week for a year before my mission, i had absolutely no problems with being sore or have blisters when I got to the mission, haha running really is great!
An interesting thing that we found out in our conference is that January was the hottest January that is on record in the State of São Paulo... haha but it makes me feel better that it will most likely only get better! It has truly been so so so so hot.And it hadn't rained here for such a long time, it was killing us. But then it rained yesterday which felt so wonderful. I can hardly wait until April and May for winter to start, it will truly be great! Sunday was a great day, why? Because we had a family come to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Their names are Marta and Alfonso, and they have two kids, Matheus (16) and Julia (10). They are great. They are progressing well and I hope and think that they will be baptized. One cool thing is that Matheus is solid, he said he would come to church even if the rest of his family didn't and after church a kid from the branch was baptized and the rest of the family left but he decided to stay and watch! Then he got invited by a young man in our branch to go to seminary this week (they have it two times a week at like 7h30 pm) and he said he was for sure going to go! He is solid, so we are excited about that little family. And we had like three families of less actives who have now been to church 2 or 3 times each, so it is cool to see that they are coming back after we have been working with them. I am enjoying it here, it is really hot, but since this last week was difficult at times I was praying more and having to have so much more faith. Every little lesson we have and every time an investigator progresses it is such a blessing from my Heavenly Father. I really cant do anything in this work without Him. So grateful that he is there for us as missionaries. Oh also I got a nice surprise at the Zone Conference... my Christmas package!! Which was sent November 13th!!!!!! Haha it was so great, the crackers were even whole and the snickers were great! The sugar from te Sour Patch Kids had kind of been dispersed throughout the baggy and melted... but they were still super good! Haha and it was so nice that you sent a little stocking for Elder D Oliveira. Unfortunately he wasn't with me to get it, but he finished his mission this last transfer so I think he is doing fine! Love you so much, hope all of you are doing well!
Elder Carney

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