Monday, February 10, 2014

Broncos had a fan in Brazil! 2/3/2014

Well this week has been absolutely insane!! Starting last monday after emails we went all out and went to a Churrascaria, or Brazilian BBQ. Basically Tucanos but here in Brazil. And it was absolutely amazing, so so good! I loved it, it was only like 18 reais, or 9 dollars, and I loved it. Elder Agnelli was having his last P Day ever so we went there for him! Then we found out about transfers!!!!!! Elder F Oliveira was transferred to the Capitol and I am staying here in Itapê! And I found out I would be training! And I am a District Leader now! Basically I was super psyched, nervous, kind of wanted to throw up, lots of emotions! Haha it was good though, I felt very much so like this would be such a growing experience for me. Elder Ashford is also staying here in Itapê which made me psyched to continue living in the same house as him since he is awesome and actually likes to run in the mornings with me! So then the next day we spent walking around, teaching some people and saying bye to the members for Elder F Oliveira, and then he packed that night. That night the Elders from the zone farther away than ours came so they could sleep at our house and get picked up by the transfer van there the next morning at 5 AM. Then when they all left it was only 4 of us left, waiting for our comps to arrive that afternoon, and all four of us were Americans!!! Haha it was so weird, we spoke in English and Portuguese and it was this weird mix, and we couldn't use the correct sentence structure and it was fun! I loved it. Then my companion arrived!!! His name is Elder Noleto, he is Brazilian, and he is from the state of Tocantins, which is only 25 years old and is way north and way hot! He is a great missionary! He is very competent, motivated, teaches well, and likes to work hard. So basically it is already great!! Seriously, I feel like I am learning so much already, i have to think of a lot more things and be able to explain things in an easy way for him, because he has so much to learn right now and I have to be able to explain why we do certain things or what our investigators need. 
I was bummed to say bye to Elder F Oliveira, and Elder de Oliveira went home this transfer as well and Elder Agnelli as well! It was a bummer but it was good to see them go home and finish their missions well. This week has been really good so far, and we are just getting accustomed to teaching together and working in our area! I love it here in Itapê! 
Also I was wearing my Broncos tie yesterday!! But that´s ok about the loss, they can win in the future. But seriously, I was nervous walking to do emails today because I wanted to know so badly what happened! I love you all so much, this week we have a Multi-
Zone Conference so I am way psyched about that!! Love you all!
Elder Carney

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