Monday, March 10, 2014

Holy Transfer Batman! 3/10/14

Well this transfer has almost officially ended and my mind was just blown by that fact!! Haha it seriously flew by, so fast!!! We will find out about transfer tonight and so next week I will be able to tell you all if I was transferred or if I have a new companion or whatever! Haha no clue what is going to happen, we will definitely see! 
This week was super good, I was thinking about it and it felt like it was really long ago but it went by really fast. We were able to teach a ton of people again, we were proud to really kill it and have two really good weeks at the end of the transfer. We also are inviting so many peopel to be baptized, and it makes me so happy to see the righteous desires that these people have. One couple, Jose and Elisabete, are great, it is hard to see them because of how much she works, but we gave them the Book of Mormon and when Elder Noleto returned (we were on splits) she had left a letter with a summary of what she had read and understood and her views on it, all of which was that she agreed and that she needed to follow what it said but htat she also already has a church... haha so we need to get in contact with her and talk about what she read and the importance of the Book of Mormon. Luckily we have an appointment with her tonight! So woo hoo, we will see how it goes! 
Like I said we had splits this last week with the other elders here in Itape again, this time I left Elder Noleto in our area for a chance to be in charge and lead! It went really well, I was really praying it would go well, haha the first time you are left alone in your area with another elder who knows nothing about your area and you have to plan and lead everything can be alittle stressful but it went really well and he learned a lot. I was able to go to the other side of the tracks into the other part of Itape, which is actually a really nice, no hills, super well off area! Haha I didnt realize the good life they have there, but luckily I actually love hills, so joke´s on them! I was with Elder Ashford which was super fun since we came to Brasil together and it may have been the last time we will have a split together as well. We worked hard and I was able to help them out with some of the difficulties that they have ben having in their area. 
Yesterday we also went on a split with the Elders Quorum President and the YM President, just for two hours before Branch Council, and it was super great. I was with the Elder Quorum Pres, Julio, and he is super great. His family is seriously rock solid and help the branch in so many ways, we were able to contact some friends of his and it was great to see how excited he was to help and how powerful it is to have members actively seek to share the gospel with their friends. We also visited Marta and Alfonso, because Julio works with Alfonso and is friends with him. Unfortunately only Marta and her daugher were there because Alfonso is traveling, it looks like they might be splitting up. She really opened up and unfortunately they are having a ton of difficulties right now, it breaks my heart to see this family trying so hard but not making it, I told her that Mom had been praying for them and she just broke down crying and asked to please keep on praying for their family and how grateful she was for that, I told her I hadnt even asked you to pray for her and she was truly grateful.
Well it was a really good week, we also had lunch with (remember we eat lunch with members, not dinner) this family on tuesday, which happened to be the last lunch that their son had with them before he entered the MTC, it was awesome to see that and it just made me think of you guys, this family is going to be so blessed for the service of their son and I hope that you all are getting blessings as well ,I sure am!
Well love you all, have a great week!!!!!!!!! And Happy Birthday Marty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Carney

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