Monday, September 30, 2013

Danny is in Brazil!

Danny officially made it to Brazil last Tuesday and was able to send a quick email letting us know that he was there safe and sound:

I am here in Sao Paulo!!!  We only have like two minutes to email and tell you that we got here, but just wanted to let you know that I got here safely. Haha the Portuguese is definitely difficult, but I am loving it already.  I am about to meet my companion, he is from Argentina so that is exciting!  I will be able to email next Monday!  Love you all, tchau!
-Elder Carney

We also got a pleasant surprise from the President of the Montana Billings Mission where Danny was serving until his visa came through.  President and Sister Mecham sent us the following email:

Dear Brother & Sister Carney,

It has been our extreme pleasure to have Elder Carney serve in the Montana Billings Mission.  You should be proud of such a fine young man, gentleman, and spiritual giant.  We wish he could have been ours for the duration.  We know he will bless many in Brazil with his testimony and engaging smile.  He will definitely be a leader in the mission.  Here are a few photos from the time he spent here.

Our regards,
President and Sister Mecham

Danny with Pres. and Sister Mecham

All the missionaries who were waiting for their visas

Their trip to the Bozeman Temple

Pres. Mecham, Danny, Elder Pirillo, Sister Mecham

It was so great to hear from Danny's Mission President and to hear how loved he was there.  It's so great to see that contagious smile of his and the joy in his face as he is serving the Lord.

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