Monday, August 12, 2013


I am officially in Montana!!!! Haha I love it here already and I am really enjoying it! We have a little bit of time to email, and then later tonight we are going to have orientation and other things. The flight went well, I have to tell you about a tender mercy. After we got off talking to all of you on the phone, this woman and her husband were talking to us and they decided that they were going to buy us lunch. We told them that we had money and that they didn't need to but this lady was SO adamant. So we followed them and they bought us all sandwiches and bagels and then because we had to go get checked in and the sandwiches were taking a while brought them over to our gate for us. It was seriously SO incredibly kind of them and I was so grateful. When we were saying goodbye to go on the plane the woman just started crying and they were so appreciative of us going on missions. It made me feel so good and it was so kind of them. I will definitely be keeping them in my prayers, it was such a tender mercy. My mission president is so awesome, I love him and his wife already, and I am excited to serve here! I am still not sure of the mission address, but I will find out later and write to you to tell you it. P-days are Monday so I think I will get to email again next week. I am loving it here so much and I am so excited! OH also, Kyle, the bookstore ran out of Jesus the Christ books... but I hopefully will finish it and be able to send you it, let me know what you want me to do! I love you all so much and I was so grateful to be able to talk with each of you!! Haha I don't know what else to say, Oh, Montana, or at least Billings, is not very mountainous... haha that is something that I will miss, but it is pretty cool here and has nice blue skies like Colorado! Other than that I feel like I don't have a lot else to say since I just talked with you all! Oh we are getting new english name tags, so I am going to have so many by the time my mission is over! Haha kind of exciting! Well, I love you all, you're great, and I will talk to you next week!
Elder Carney

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